Our Story

Ori Enterprise was originally setup in August 2003 to produce a range of flavoured drinks. The company with the vision to support His Majesty the Sultan’s Government to diversify into the non oil and gas industry. Our general vision is to ‘produce a range of top quality and hygienic “Halal” beverages with advance technologies for the local and regional market that meet international standards’

Our existing products range consists of Ready To Drink (RTD) flavoured drinks and Reverse Osmosis beverages that associate with health. Most people are now more health conscious and will prefer their beverages to contain less artificial chemicals. Some want them to be free from chemical contents. All these falls within our company lines of products.

The company has high aim and target for the future. In the foreseeable future, we will like to ensure our plant pass the Good Manufacturing Practice hopefully soon. This will ensure our products quality and be ready to export to neighbouring countries.